Oil Spill Academic Task Force

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Predicting the amount and path of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is proving to be a challenging task.
But now many of the brightest minds in the state of Florida are coming together to form the Oil Spill Academic Task Force.
"There are expertise in people's involvement in material sciences, expertise in ocean engineering and ocean dynamics that may not exist here at Florida State. People that have had prior experience with oil spills."
Florida State is just one of over a dozen colleges and universities to lend brain power to the project.
In the coming weeks, FSU's Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies has the responsibilty of modeling the flow and trajectory of the oil, something these scientists have never done before.
Steve Morey says, "We spend a lot of our time researching and forecasting ocean currents knowing it can be used for oil spills. But this is the first time that I've been involved directly in an event like this."
Members of the task force admit forecasting the amount of oil and where it's headed has been difficult thus far.
But with sophisticated computer models, and some of the brightest minds in their fields of study, this cooperative effort is keeping residents along the Big Bend's Gulf Coast up to speed.
"There are some eddies in the area that potentially could direct the oil in that direction, but it's not there yet."

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