Convenience Store Clerk Shot and Killed at BP Gas Station

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Tallahassee Police say they've arrested 23-year-old Theophilus L. Jones in connection with Sunday's shooting death of Jonathan Foy at a local BP Gas Station.

Police say after developing information from evidence left at the scene and hearing from several informants, Jones became the focus of the investigation.

Authorities say Jones was scheduled for a meeting with his probation officer today, that's where investigators met with him and brought him in for questioning.

During the interview authorities say Jones admitted to attempting to rob Foy and shooting him during the course of the robbery.

He's being charged with First Degree Murder, Robbery with a Firearm among other charges.

The BP station on the corner of Pensacola Street and Ocala Road was roped off and lined by squad cars as police investigate the details of a shooting and attempted robbery that left 24-year-old John Foy dead.

This, while customers try to understand out why a favorite clerk is dead.

"I hate to hear about people dying. For somebody to get killed on their job, that's a heck of a tragedy," said customer Lonzell Copeland.

Police say three college age customers walked into the BP and made a horrifying discovery... the clerk on the floor behind the counter, lying in a pool of blood from a gunshot wound.

Foy was later pronounced dead at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.

"It's a tragedy and i grieve for the family and the young witnesses that found the victim...I'm sure its going to be very traumatic for them...nobody expected to see something like that," said Tallahassee Police OFC John Creamer.

"It makes me not want to come over to this side of town, to this area. I don't come over here much, but now its like I don't even want to," said Tallahassee resident Jessica Todd.

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