Oil Boom Vandalized In Franklin County

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Franklin County Emergency Management Press Release:

The Emergency Management Office, the Sheriff’s Office, and Commissioner Parrish were made aware that the boom being deployed by Eagle SWS is being vandalized and we urge all boaters to please stay clear of the boom.

This boom is being deployed to protect our bay. By destroying the boom you are putting the bay at risk.

If you see suspicious activity, call the Emergency Management Hotline at 850-653-4206.

There has been confirmed very light oil sheen 2 and 12 miles off Bob Sikes Cut. It is not confirmed that it is Deepwater Horizon oil. You can see more on this at the following internet location.


We also had a gas can wash up on Little St. George Island. Jay Abbot was dispatched out to the location and confirmed that it was only an empty gas can that someone lost off their boat and wash up on shore.

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