FSU Dean is a Master Magician

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We look to our teachers for guidance and an opportunity to better ourselves in the classroom. Normally, what you see is what you get but there are a few professors with a little something extra up their sleeves.

Dr. Nancy Marcus has a Ph.D. from Yale. She's been recognized with so many awards that it's hard to keep track. And as the Dean of Graduate Studies and one time professor of oceanography at Florida State, her work is simply magic.

"I love teaching, I love research. A few years ago I transitioned and became the dean of the graduate school and really enjoy it," said Dr. Marcus.

Dr. Marcus has spent 18 magical years at FSU and is nationally known in her field. But her true magic is, well, magic.

Dr. Marcus may be an expert in ecology and biology, but Nancy is a master magician. Cards--she can cut them into thirds...scarves, she can pull them from anywhere. And milk she can balance it on your head.

"I started magic when I was 10. To be honest, I was fascinated and wanted to know how the tricks were done."

And on this day, the girls at the Oasis Center were awe inspired as Dr. Marcus made them believers---one Allakhazam after another. Her tricks are as magical for kids as they are for her friends, many of whom are brilliant scientists, but can't figure out what happened to the Jack of spades.

"I like to do performances for my colleagues. They are the easiest to foll because they look for the complicated explanation for everything but magic is based on simplistic principles."

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