ARRESTED: Leon High Student Brings Gun to School

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The Leon County Sheriff's office arrested a 15 year old ninth grader Thursday morning for bringing a gun to Leon High School.

Leon Freshman Raekwon Taylor was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed weapon and posession of a firearm on school grounds.

LCSO says that other students spotted the gun in Taylor's pocket and then reported it to the school.

"It is sad particularly after what happened last Friday in Connecticut, from all accounts of what we found so far we have no indication that he brought it for violent motives," said Leon Principal Billy Epting.

Both LCSO and Leon High School said the key to getting the situation taken care of quickly was students wanting to do the right thing.

"They want their school to be a safe, fun enjoyable environment to be in, they don't tolerate individuals that are going to compromise that," said Epting.

The unloaded gun being in the school was still unsettling to students.

"I just thought it was pretty spooky. You hear about it on the news about it being out of town and stuff, but it's just different when you hear about it being at home," said Leon senior Cameren Collier.

The sheriff's office says that Taylor's intent was to sell the weapon. It has not been reported stolen but they are working with ATF to try and determine where it came from.

Leon County, FL - At around 8:30 this morning, a 15 year old ninth grader has been arrested for bringing a gun to school. The Leon High School student was seen by another student with a .25 caliber semi automatic handgun in his pocket. The other student informed a resource officer of what they saw.

Raekwon Taylor has been arrested and is the Leon County jail, charged with carrying a concealed weapon and bringing the weapon to school.

WCTV has a reporter working on this story, and will bring you more information as it becomes available.

Leon County Sheriff's Office Release

On December 20, 2012, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office arrested a 9th grade student after he was found in possession of a .25 caliber semi automatic handgun.

At approximately 8:30 am, a student informed school faculty that he had observed another student with a handgun on campus. The School Resource Deputy and a member of the Leon High School faculty immediately located the 15 year old suspect, separated him from other students and confirmed that he was in possession of a firearm.

The student was arrested and transported to the Juvenile Assessment Center.

Sheriff Larry Campbell stated, “The excellent relationship between the School’s faculty, the Resource Deputies and the students has created an environment in which the students communicate their observations and concerns daily. This crime was resolved without incident because a student observed something he knew was wrong and then said something about it.”


Raekwon Taylor

15 years old

Charges: Carrying a Concealed Firearm, Possession of a Firearm on School Grounds

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