Allie The Sea Turtle Released Into The Wild

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson

Panacea, FL - Allie the Loggerhead Sea Turtle is known for crunching crabs in her tank. The Gulf Specimen Marine Lab calls Allie the Turtle, a miracle after reviving her back to health.

When fishermen found her in Alligator Point she was not eating and almost on the verge of death.

"At least she gets to go back to her home," said the fisherman that found the turtle.

After a year being treated, she was released by an entourage of people who cared for her. She was ready for the wild.

"Seeing a sea turtle be released is a once in a lifetime experience but having, but having been working by her side and giving tours and showing Allie and working here with her for a little bit is a lot more personal," said Sarah Carroll, an Intern at The Gulf Specimen Marine Lab.

"Well it's more sweet than bitter, the bitter part is that she has a big fan club and we got so many people coming to the aquarium that want to see Allie," said Jack Rudloe, the founder of the Gulf Specimen Marine Lab.

Thousands of families were camera ready. Traveling far and wide to see Allie get released.

Allie was not the only one going back home, a Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle, which is even more endangered than the loggerhead sea turtle, joined her too.

"The fact that she was rehabilitated and she can return to the water makes it even more special," said Beth Winn, who Traveled to see Allie.

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