Alligator Trapper Takes WCTV On Hunt [GALLERY]

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By Bailey Myers
August 29, 2013

Tallahassee FL - If you have an alligator problem who do you turn to? Well, folks in South Georgia know who to call. Although it takes a lot of patience and quite a bit of physical strength one man has been the Alligator Agent Trapper in his area for years.

Frogs start croaking the minute the sky turns black. The only source of light comes from Benny West and his head beam.
He scans the water in search of the glowing orange eyes of a gator. Once he has his target in sight.. he uses a pole with a rope attached to a special gator hook to catch the gator without killing it. As soon as it takes off West holds on tight and waits for the gator to tire out.

That's when West and his partner for the night Joseph pull in their catch. It isn't a booming business but it's one that West has done for 26 years. This second job Trapping nuisance gators for the State of Georgia has earned him a reputation.

One of West's neighbors, Michael Stolz, has had problems with alligators in the past and he said, "We just going to call the gator man Benny West to come out here and get them."

Alligator Agent Trapper Benny West explained, "I've probably caught about a thousand ten footers or bigger..."
Flipping through the dozens of newspaper clippings, and pictures of the gators he's caught you can't help but wonder why does does he do it. He just said, "I don't know I guess I just love it." A simple answer for a man who has such a bizarre job

West later explained, "Life's too short not to just enjoy things... and do some of the things you want to do because your only on this earth for just a little while you better do something you enjoy."

We were told the alligators West caught last night weighed two hundred and ten pounds reaching about eight and a half feet in length. Typically gators West traps are either relocated to a safer areas, sold to zoos or sent to alligator farms where they are harvested.

WCTV Reporter Bailey Myers pets a recently-trapped gator.

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