GBI: Norman Park Father Was Trying To Protect Son From Home Invasion

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Winnie Wright
July 16, 2015 6pm

Norman Park, GA - Arrests have been made in the shooting death of a disabled Norman Park man.

It happened July 5th around midnight at the man's Georgia Highway 26 home.

Seven teenagers, all of Colquitt County, have been charged with 68 year-old John Hester's death.

Adrian Robinson, Brandon Wynn, Christian Glover, Derrick Phillips, Ty'Cameron Hayes, Tykerious Jones, and I-Key Pinkins are each charged with murder and Criminal Intent to Commit Armed Robbery.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations says the group stole firearms and electronics from a Norman Park Home the day of the crime. That gun, they believe, was used in the shooting death of Hester.

"The group planned on robbing Mr. Hester's son, who lives across the road. During that attempt, Mr. Hester encountered them, shots were exchanged between the two, and of course Mr. Hester was struck by one of the bullets and subsequently died", says Assistant Special Agent In Charge, Bahan Rich.

Agent Rich says the suspects had no ties to Mr. Hester, or his son, other than living in the Norman Park Area. He also says it appears Hester was trying to protect his son.

By: WCTV Eyewitness News
July 16, 2015

NORMAN PARK, Ga. -- The Colquitt County Sheriff's Office and Georgia Bureau of Investigation have arrested and charged seven teens with murder

John Hester was found shot outside of his residence on Georgia Highway 256 in Norman Park on July 5.

Hester was transported to Archbold Memorial Hospital where he later died.

The Colquitt County Sheriff's Office and Georgia Bureau of Investigation arrested 7 teenagers on July 15th and 16th and have charged all of them with Murder and Criminal Attempt to Commit Armed Robbery.

Arrested were Tykerious Jones, 17; Adrian Robinson, 19; Derrick Phillips, 18; Brandon Wynn, 18; Christian Glover, 18; I-Key Pinkins, 18; and Ty’Cameron Hayes, 18.

All are being held at the Colquitt County Jail.

The Norman Park Police Department is also assisting with the investigation.

Tykerious Jones

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