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Tallahassee, Fl--3/7/12

A group of bloggers are driving 1200 miles to raise money for elementary school classrooms. One of those classrooms is in Florida's capital city.

There are a few visitors in town. So students in Miss Cogdill's first-grade class showed off their knowledge, artwork, and scientific research.

Their guests are bloggers from Chevy and "Adopt-a-Classroom." The online journalists are on a mission .They're road tripping cross-country, stopping in classrooms as they go, to raise money for the students they visit.

"We all have our laptops, our video cameras, and our phones. We're taking pictures, we're blogging along the way," said blogger Nick Cicero.

Springwood Elementary is one of three school's they're visiting. The final school is in Austin,Texas. Each group has a class-project in mind with a very specific wish list.

"String backpack, a journal, a pencil, bandanna,binoculars and a compass," said Laura Cogdill.

Miss Cogdill's class wants camping supplies so they can explore their environment.

"The county is putting an emphasis on writing and science this year so I thought that if we could combine both of those and have adventures it would make it more interesting and easier for the children to write," said Cogdill.

The bloggers are updating their site constantly. (

While you follow them on their journey, you can become apart of it. You can donate or buy ad-space to help fund students like Miss Cogdill's "happy campers."

"So what we really need to do moving forward is to get everybody inspired to create more and that starts with the little kids," said Cicero.

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