Children's Week Kicks Off at the Capitol

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January 24, 2016

If you walk through the Capitol this week, you'll notice some new decorations

"We're hanging tens of thousands of paper cut outs of children's hands at the state capitol here,” Jason Zaborske, Statewide Coordinator of Children’s Week.

They're for children's week. And these hands are a reminder for lawmakers to "Give a Hand" to Florida’s youngest citizens.

"When they walk in Monday morning and start session here this week. This will make them aware that children's issues are very important and they should be making those important decisions to fund those programs and create policies that help Florida’s children and families."

There are more than 132 partners joining together to seek change. One of those organizations includes Florida’s head start programs.

"We want to make sure very child has a voice and to build a seamless system from birth until school age. Actually beyond kindergarten into graduation and into college actually,” said Lilli Copp, Director of the Florida Head Start Collaboration Office.

Jason Zaborske says he not only hopes this week pushes lawmakers to take action, but also pushes to the public to do the same.

"find out how to get information about program and services that they need and then also obviously meet with those policy makers and talk about those issues that speak to them personally and relay those stories to those policy makers,” said Zaborske.

This Tuesday is “Children’s Capitol for a Day.” There will be all day events at the Capitol form 8:30am to 2pm. The event is free and open to the public. For more information on Children’s Week visit

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