Christmas Spectacular Lights Up Havana

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By: James Buechele
December 18, 2015

HAVANA, Fla. -- Kevin Allison of Havana looks forward to the holiday season every year.

"What motivates us is just the joy of seeing thousands of people come out here."

Thousands come out to see his family's holiday light display, dubbed "The Christmas Spectacular," at 240 Sandy Creek Road off of Highway 27.

"We start about the first week of August and it takes us about 4 1/2 months," Allison says. "I put in about 2.5 miles of underground wiring to feed the electricity to this whole show."

The Christmas Spectacular has grown over the past 8 years. Now, more than 200,000 lights are on display here at the home.

Kevin's son Daniel takes 35 hours to coordinate the lights to go with a single four-minute Christmas song.

"I had the lights pretty much be, within the music. It's not just fade in fade out. It's actually like I get into the song," Daniel says.

As this holiday tradition continues to grow, so do the crowds coming to see the lights.

In case you were wondering, the Allisons' electricity bill last December came in at $525. The Christmas Spectacular runs daily through New Year's Day from 6pm to 10pm.

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