Clinch Panthers Restart (CPR) Project offered by CMH

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News Release: SGMC
October 2, 2014

Valdosta, Ga. - Clinch Memorial Hospital, an affiliate of South Georgia Medical Center, has stepped up to improve the community’s response to heart attacks by offering free cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) classes for Clinch County Middle School students and Clinch County High School students who are enrolled in the health occupations tract.

According to Clinch Memorial Hospital Administrator Greg Brown, the hospital approached the school system and proposed the idea to fill a community need. “First of all, it is the right thing to do for patient care,” Brown explains. “Because we are a small, rural community, our resources are limited. By expanding the number of CPR certified individuals, we improve the likelihood that when a cardiac emergency happens, someone who is trained in CPR will be close by to begin chest compressions and rescue breathing to help restore life.”

According to Clinch Memorial’s Director of Nursing Wayne Lee, appropriately performed CPR is one of the most important determinants in a situation where the victim’s heart beat and breathing have stopped. “Our long-term goal is to start with 7th graders and re-certify the students three times before graduation. At the high school level, we will work with students interested in health occupations. If this project goes well, we will expand our efforts and provide courses in outlying communities in the months ahead.”

Lee and other staff members from Clinch Memorial will be teaching the classes and certifying that students can perform the chest compressions at the proper depth and rate for the most successful resuscitation outcomes.

The classes are being offered free of charge courtesy of Clinch Memorial and generous donations made to the Clinch Memorial Hospital Foundation. “The Foundation’s monetary support has allowed us to purchase teaching materials and other resources so this is truly a community partnership between the schools, the hospital and foundation donors,” Lee continued. “The CPR classes fulfill the requirement for students who need to be CPR certified to participate in a healthcare learning tract. This will be a cost-savings for area families.”

The CPR course will be adjusted to meet each school’s requirement for block time but the goal is for the CPR instruction to take up a small portion of the school day for five consecutive days.

The classes will begin October 20-24. The classes will be repeated every nine weeks to correlate with health occupation learning.

As a community hospital, Clinch Memorial is eager to use its resources to improve the health and wellbeing of the community. “We are small town America,” Lee concluded. “We treat everyone like friends, family or neighbors. The hospital staff is excited to partner with the schools to conduct such a meaningful project.”

For more information, contact Wayne Lee at Clinch Memorial Hospital at 912-487-5211 ext. 4520.

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