Club Drug Presence Grows in Area

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By: Erin Lisch
September 21, 2015

TALLAHASSEE -- Celebrities like Miley Cyrus sing about it: "I popped a Molly and you know, you know you'll never stop." It's something that is now taking campuses by storm: Molly.

FSU student Tico Rivero, who does not condone using the drug, said, "Yeah, I think it's here especially for all the shows and whatnot."

When asked where she thinks students take Molly, FSU student Ashley Morgan said, "Maybe bigger DJs and shows and just when they go out."

The MDMA drug is being seen throughout the country, and local students say it's a big deal.

FAMU student Keith Palmer said, "That's that insane drug that people want to get higher than weed. That's the next level right there."

Just last year, Graydon Ball was arrested for selling the drug on Florida State University's campus.

Authorities in Gadsden County say a Monday drug bust that ended with the arrest of Montavious Perkins shows sales of the drug aren't slowing down.

Major Shawn Wood of the Gadsden Sheriff's Office said,"I mean this drug is so cheap, that's why they call it 'five dollar insanity.'"

Only 13 percent of Molly is found to be pure MDMA, while the rest has things added to it, including rat poison.

"This drug is life-threatening. It is killing people," said Major Wood.

Major Wood has some words of advice.

"Turn the local drug dealer in, tell us where they are. Whether it's our county or any county, turn your drug dealer in. It's killing people," said Major Wood.

Wood also says that Molly can be confused with Flakka because of the similar effects.

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