Recent Break-Up May Have Been Reason Behind Gun At Local School, Authorities Say

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September 17, 2014; 5pm

Cook County, GA - A Cook County Georgia High School student is behind bars tonight after authorities say he brought a loaded gun to school.

"A bullet don't have a name, I could have easily been shot", says Kaytina Scruggs, a Junior at Cook County High School.

Parents say they're angry, and students say they're scared, after authorities say 17 year-old Austin Ray Guthrie brought a loaded gun into Cook County High School on Wednesday. He's charged with "Carrying Weapons Within School Safety Zones."

The incident report goes on to say that deputies found Guthrie in the school's lunchroom during breakfast. They say when Guthrie spotted deputies, he ran out to the parking lot where deputies say they found the gun, locked and loaded, in a shoulder bag.

One parent says she found out about the situation from a friend.

"I don't think that was right because they didn't notify me what was going on. I am so pissed off, but I hope Cook High gets it together", says Demicha Scruggs.

Scruggs also says when she called the school, she was directed to their website.

"The kids were our first priority, working with law enforcement, alerting the District Attorney was our second, and perhaps, alerting the parents has to be last", says Cook County School Board Attorney, Daniel Studstill.

Cook County School Board members say while they can't put all 960 students through a metal detector..they're going to re-evaluate current safety procedures.

The school resumed a normal schedule around 9 am. Guthrie is being held in the Cook County Jail.

By: WCTV Eyewitness News
September 17, 2014

ADEL, Ga. -- A Cook County High School Student was arrested this morning for having a gun on campus.

Wednesday morning, a reliable source called the Cook County Sheriff's Office and said that 17-year-old Austin Guthrie had left for school with a handgun and was worried about what he was going to do with it.

Deputies found Guthrie's car in the Cook County High School parking lot and located him in the lunchroom.

After deputies handcuffed Guthrie and searched his bag they found a loaded .22 magnum revolver.

Guthrie was transported to the Cook County Jail and has been charged with carrying a gun in a school zone. Guthrie is being charged as an adult.

Parents at the scene this morning said that they were very angry that they were not notified about the situation and were instead directed to the school’s website for information.

The school is no longer on lockdown and had resumed “business as usual” around 9 a.m.

No further details are available at this time.

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