Logging Truck, Multiple Vehicles Collide in Brooks County

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[Update] - Brooks County, Georgia - January 6, 2012 -

The dense fog Friday morning is being blamed for a nasty wreck in Brooks County, Georgia, just north of Morven.
The accident snared traffic and sent five people to the hospital.

The usually quiet road became the explosive scene of the morning crash.
Dense fog caused a minivan to slam into a log truck crossing the intersection at State Roads 122 and 133.
As they sat there, a Ford Focus then barreled right in to them only moments later.
The Georgia State Patrol says the log truck driver, Tony Fowler, is being charged with the first crash for failing to yield the right away after stopping at a stop sign.
But the driver of the Ford Focus, Victor Sanchez-Peres, is charged with driving too fast for the conditions and driving without a license.

Five people have been taken to local hospitals.
The driver of the minivan in the initial wreck, and then four occupants of the Ford Focus that followed.
The Georgia State Patrol says their conditions range from minor to serious, but there's nothing life threatening.


Brooks County, Georgia - January 6, 2012 -

A nasty wreck in Brooks County snared traffic and sent five people to the hospital Friday.
A Brooks County Sheriff's Deputy told Eyewitness News that earlier this morning the fog was so thick you could barely see your hand in front of your face.

The Georgia State Patrol says a log truck was at the intersection of State Road 122 and State Road 133 when a minivan slammed into it. As they sat in the intersection, moments later another car collided with the truck from the opposite side.

The trooper says the five occupants of the two vehicles were pinned under the truck until help could arrive.
Another semi-truck nearly barreled into the scene, but skidded to a grinding hault just in the nick of time.

The Sheriff's Office says traffic this morning was backed up for miles.
There is no word yet on who was at fault in the accident.

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