'Discovery on Parade' Event Showcases Local Innovation

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By: Symone Davis
December 1, 2015

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- You wouldn't normally find robots, wine and a performance from the FAMU Marching 100 all in the same spot.

Then again, you haven't seen the Discovery on Parade hosted at FSU’s Turnbull Conference Center.

It was a mashup of inventors and innovators from TCC, FAMU, and FSU.

“It’s humbling and very awesome, because I get to play with toys every day for a living,” said Ryan Kopinsky, PhD Student at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering.

Tuesday night, more than 85 exhibitors were on hand giving technology demonstrations and showing off their research in areas including art, technology, and even education.

That includes 3D printers creating learning tools for grades k-12.

"Teachers use these for everything math and science related and we have a whole series of interdisciplinary kits. So there might be a science topic but they're using it to learn math," said Hannah Olson, 3D Modeler and Co-Founder of 'My Stem Kits.'

Organizers said the showcase gives exhibitors exposure they wouldn't normally get.

“They’re going to possibly get a mentor like we talked about or even an investor. If someone comes in here looking to says "I like that idea, I’m actually in that business. And I’d like to talk a little further and invest and take you to the next level. That's one of the reasons we do this," said Larry Lynch, program consultant for the Office of Commercialization.

Lynch also said the committee is thinking about turning Discovery on Parade into a 2-day event.

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