Doors Open At New Pinevale Elementary School

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By: Winnie Anne Wright
December 2, 2013

Valdosta - Some very lucky children in Valdosta came back to a brand new school after their Thanksgiving Break. What was formerly known as Southeast Elementary is now Pinevale Elementary. The school officially opened it's doors to excited students on Monday.

"They were overjoyed, excited. We actually had a tour about two weeks ago and they were blown away by everything that they've seen; the different colors, the new facility, the playground, and and especially the classroom. Because the classrooms have state-of-the-art technology; touchscreens, the computers for the students to use, the new desks. Everything's just new and wonderful for them", says Kim Miller, Principal of Parkvale Elementary.

Valdosta City Schools was recently awarded the Extreme Network award for it's implementation of WiFi in the classrooms. Which can be seen here at Pinevale Elementary School with their new touchscreen TVs.

"I think it's important to expose the kids to cutting edge technology in the classroom. We try our best to make sure we stay in touch with what the new technology is, even though we know it's going to change in the future. We want our kids to know how to use what's currently available", says Martin Roesch Superintendent of Valdosta City Schools.

Roesch also says he hopes that the new and improved school can set a new standard for other schools in the community.

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