Drugs, Sex And Guns Banned From Vanity License Plates

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By Eames Yates
June 7, 2013

Valdosta, GA -

Guns, sex, drugs and booze. All are now off limits on a vanity license plates in Georgia. That has citizens of Lowndes County divided. One resident said "do you want your kids seeing stuff like that? I don't." Another said "I think it's wrong I think it's a breach of our freedom."
Lowndes County citizen Austin Williams said "I like the one that says in god we trust a whole lot better and I believe they still approve that."

The rules are in response to a lawsuit brought by a man who was prevented from getting a license plate that said Gay Guy. The new emergency rules were enacted on Tuesday.

Sean Casey is the Deputy Assistant Commissioner with the Georgia Department of Revenue. He said "personally I have a two and a half year old daughter who is starting to figure out words. I don't want to be put in that position of walking down the street with her, or maybe when she's a little bit older for that matter, and be forced into an uncomfortable conversation and so really with the Governor, with the Commissioner, it's just let's use some common sense and lets use some common decency."

If your personal license plate application is denied you can appeal the decision with the Georgia Department of Revenue.

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