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July 20, 2012- 6pm



July 20, 2012- 8:30am

"It's a bogus issue"...That comment comes from President Barack Obama.

The president was speaking about comments he made in Roanoke, Virginia last week. Yesterday, Mr. Obama began a two day campaign trip to Florida, starting in Jacksonville. For the past several days, presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, has been hammering President Obama about those comments. Yesterday, in our exclusive one-on-one interview with President Obama, Eyewitness News Reporter Andy Alcock asked the president about the controversy.

Andy: First of all, I want to talk to you about some comments you made in Virginia the other day, caused a little bit of a stir.  And I want to quote you exactly.  Part of what you said, "If you've got a business, you didn't build that, somebody else made that happen."  On Tuesday in Pennsylvania, Governor Romney responded and said quote, "To say something like that is not only foolishness, it's insulting to every entrepreneur, every innovator."  Your response sir. 

President Obama: "Well, the problem is you left out the sentence that I made before so what I said was together we build roads and we build bridges and so if you've got a business, you didn't build that...Meaning the roads and the bridges, not your business. And anybody who actually watched the tape knows that's what I was referring to. That's a point I've made millions of times and that's a point Mr. Romney has made as well so I think it's just a bogus issue.

The president went on to say he's pushed through 18 tax cuts for small businesses since he's been in office. We'll show you more parts of our exclusive interview with President Obama tonight on Eyewitness News.

July 19, 2012- 11pm

WCTV will have an exclusive, one-on-one interview with President Obama to air in the Good Morning Show at 6 am. That interview will be shown again during other broadcasts. Stay tuned to WCTV and our website, WCTV.tv to see that interview.

July 19, 2012- Noon

Presidential politics are returning to the Sunshine State. This afternoon, President Barack Obama will address supporters in Jacksonville.

The President is scheduled to address his supporters here in Jacksonville in a little over and hour from now.

We're told the President will discuss his vision of how to grow the economy, create middle class jobs and pay down the debt.
It appears he has some convincing to do. According to a new CBS-New York Times poll, nearly two-thirds of registered voters surveyed said President Obama's policies have contributed to the economic downturn. And perhaps most distressingly for the Obama campaign is more than half of independent voters surveyed said the President's policies will never improve the economy. Here in Florida, the President is facing a tough race in this critical, battleground state. The latest poll by Purple Strategies shows presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney leading the President in Florida, 48 to 45 percent.

WCTV will have an exclusive, one-on-one interview with President Obama. Stay tuned to WCTV and WCTV.tv to see that interview.


July 19, 2012

President Obama will campaign Thursday and Friday in Florida, where polls show he is in a dead heat race with Republican challenger Mitt Romney, who will get a huge in-state stage for a few days next month at the Tampa GOP convention. Obama will mostly be talking about the economy – reminding Floridians – as Gov. Rick Scott has been doing – that things are looking up and jobs are starting to return. Obama also will likely talk about the Bush-era tax cuts, which he is proposing to keep in place for most Americans. Obama will stump in battleground areas: Jacksonville on Thursday morning and West Palm Beach on Thursday evening. Obama will, however venture into heavily Republican Fort Myers on Friday, and then hit Orlando. The campaign isn't saying yet where his Friday events will be, but the Orlando Sentinel reported Wednesday that Rollins College may be a stop.

Eyewitness News will be heading to Jacksonville to cover President Obama's visit to the Sunshine State. The President is scheduled to have a TV interview with WCTV.

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