Early Voting In Lowndes County Sets New Record

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Valdosta, GA - Early voting in Florida doesn't start until Saturday, but in Georgia, voters have been flocking to the polls for almost two weeks.

One local county is expecting to hit a major milestone today.

The Lowndes Elections Board believes that over 10,000 people came to vote today, and some voters say they've been waiting until after the final presidential debate to vote.

Michelle Corbitt, Lowndes Voter, states, "I just wanted to make sure my vote was in. I was just listening to the debates and i didn't want to have to fight a huge crowd."

Michelle Corbitt feels strongly about who she wants to be president.
She's just one of many voters who say Monday night's debate got her fired up to vote.

Mary Lynn Hunt, Lowndes Voter, stated, "well I hope everybody will get out and vote. As long as they vote the way I want them to vote."

Susan Hennley, Election Official, said, "it's just everyone wants a say in who they elect as president and we've got a sheriff's race too that's bringing a lot of people out."

Wednesday was the ninth day of early voting in Georgia.
And the Lowndes elections board alone is averaging well over a thousand each day.

nicholas spivey / lowndes voter @ 0:38 (quick)
"yeah i just got a break from work so i just hurried up and got up here and got my vote in."

Michelle Corbitt: "it was really fast and really convenient and i'm glad we have this option that we can come early."

Election officials say this will cut the lines in half come election day.
But how bad's the wait now?

Susan Hennley: "it's not over five minutes if that long. We're taking them in. We're making their cards. And we're calling them back. It's just very, very quick."

Valdosta, GA - Jessica Cooke is voting for President Of The United States for the first time. She is 21 now, but last time she was too young at 17.

"When I turned 18 I was like, okay, I missed it by a year by I'm so excited now," said Jessica Cooke.

Jessica is not alone. In fact she was joined by a wave of voters of all ages in the first week of Early Voting in Georgia. At the Lowndes County Board Of Elections, they actually set an All-Time record for the first two days of Early Voting with 2,861.

"Presidential Elections always bring people out," said Deb Cox, Lowndes Elections Supervisor. "We have a lot of hotly contested races here in Lowndes County that might be contributing to it. All that I know is we have a very good turn out."

A turnout so good an extra person had to direct traffic. Inside, there were additional elections officials helping voters get signed in.

"The wait time is still only about 15 minutes, so everybody needs to come on in and vote," said Deb Cox.

And she reminds you that no matter who you vote for that every vote counts.

"I'm very excited. I feel like I'm about to make a difference. So I'm very excited," said Jessica Cooke.

Early Voting starts in Florida October 27th.

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