Ethics Complaint Filed Against Maddox

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An ethics complaint has been filed against a Tallahassee city commissioner.

The complaint claims Commissioner Scott Maddox failed to properly disclose conflicts of interest on five separate occasions over the course of a year.

Local businessman Doctor Erwin Jackson filed the complaint.

At the center of this case is a 1988 advisory opinion from Florida's Ethics Commission.

That opinion states an official who temporarily leaves a meeting when he or she would be presented with a voting conflict is still required to announce the basis of that conflict and to file a public memo explaining it.

A video posted on the city's website of the November 26, 2013 meeting shows just as an agenda item is announced to discuss a land deal with the McKibbon Hotel Group, Maddox gets up and walks away.

According to Maddox's 2012 financial disclosure form, he lists a company called Governance Inc. as a primary income source.

Governance previously represented the McKibbon Hotel Group for the A Loft Hotel project several years ago which originally included plans for the corner of Tennessee and Monroe in question at that commission meeting.

Those plans were later put on hold due to the struggling economy and then modified.

While records show Maddox is no longer affiliated with Governance, records also show Maddox currently lives in a house owned by Governance.

The complaint claims Maddox failed to either verbally or in writting state a voting conflict on that occasion and four other similar ones.

The Ethics Commission won't make this matter public until there's a decision to either investigate or not investigate the claims.

Maddox writes in a statement, "Once again Erwin Jackson is filing a frivolous complaint and wasting taxpayer's dollars. I am sure it will be found without merit."

Maddox also noted he hasn't seen the complaint or spoken the Ethics Commission.

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