FAMU: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Chapter on Inactive Status

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Updated 12-6-2011 // 5:45p.m. -- Tallahassee, FL

Sharon Saunders from FAMU's Office of Communication says that the arrest of several students for conspiracy and grand theft from a construction site, led to inactive status for the Beta Nu chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha.

FSU Police say on November 27, they arrested four FAMU students on FSU's campus.

Deven Brown and Christopher Chavannes were charged with grand theft.

Kevin Noble and Joshua Smith were charged with conspiracy.

FSU police say they saw Brown and Chavannes loading red bricks into a backpack from the New Wellness Center construction site at FSU.

Police say the two hopped a fence when they were spotted, and got into a car where Noble and Smith were waiting.

A total of 36 red bricks were found in bags the police say the four were trying to steal.

They told police they needed the bricks for a project and that they couldn't afford them.

Although police say they only tried to get away with 36 bricks, because they were from a construction site, third degree grand theft felony charges can still stick.

Under Florida Statue, anything stolen from a construction site, regardless of value, can be prosecuted as a third degree grand theft felony.

Updated 12-6-2011 Tallahassee, FL

During an address to faculty in staff Monday afternoon, FAMU President Dr. James Ammons said that university's chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha had been suspended.

It was specified that the suspension had nothing to do with hazing.

Later, during a mandatory student forum on anti-hazing, the dean of students, Henry Kirby, clarified that the fraternity was not suspended, but, put on "inactive status."

A spokesperson at FAMU says the FSU Police Department charged several students in the fraternity with grand theft and conspiracy to commit theft at a construction site.

We will keep you posted on any additional details from that investigation as we get them.

Eyewitness News has a call in to the university to get clarification on the difference between the fraternity being on inactive status and suspension.


FAMU President, Dr. James Ammons addressed the faculty in a separate gathering before the students forum.

In that meeting, Ammons not only told them of his plans to keep hazing off campus, but that the fraternity, alpha phi alpha has been suspended.

Ammons did not say why, but he did say the frat's suspension has nothing to do with hazing.

We have called FAMU spokespersons for more information but our calls have not yet been.


Tallahassee, FL -- December 5, 2011 --

During today’s faculty forum, FAMU President, Dr. James Ammons announced that the university’s Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity chapter has been suspended.

Ammons says the suspension is NOT related to hazing.

We will bring you more information as it becomes available.

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