FAMU Anti-Hazing Forum

Tallahassee, FL -- December 5, 2011

It was a full house in FAMU's Gaither Gymnasium Monday night.

"It showed a commitment from our students that they're willing to change and that they're really willing to accept a culture change. This is a first step." Says, FAMU Student Government Association President Breyon Love.

The Student Government Association held a mandatory forum to charge students with the task of ending hazing on campus.

FAMU student Charles Thrower says, "I think the forum made a difference."

The Orange County Sheriff says hazing played in a part in the death of 26-year-old Robert Champion.

The Marching 100 drum major died November 19th after the Florida Classic Football Game.

FAMU student Jacynthia says, "I feel horrible that he had to go through what he went through and it was such a sad effect that that had to happen."

As FAMU President Dr. James Ammons encouraged the students to help rebuild the university's legacy, he reminded them that not only is hazing against school policy, it can be a felony punishable by jail time.

Dr. Ammons says, "We have to stop it. We don't have a choice. There is no way that we can repeat the kind of destructive actions that have been on this campus and that have now been uncovered. We must stop."

FAMU Student Senate President Marissa West says, "You are responsible for you. Only you can stop yourself from doing something."

The forum leaders say they want students to help make the university the national leader in zero tolerance for hazing.

Student organizations were required to sign anti-hazing agreements here at the forum. Student leaders and administrators say they hope the students keep their word.

Before attending the student forum, Dr. Ammons met with faculty and staff. He says the university is facing one of the greatest challenges, and he told faculty that they will get justice for Champion.

Dr. Ammons says there will be an internal steering committee to work with the task force that he has assembled to review anti-hazing regulations.

He announced that the task force will expand to include faculty and students.

He says the task force will begin work once all investigations into Robert Champion's death are complete.


Tallahassee, FL -- December 5, 2011 --

FAMU holds anti-hazing forum beginning at 6:30pm. Catch it streaming here live.

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