FSU Alumna Receives Award for Work in Hospitality

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An esteemed FSU alumna receives an award for her work in the hospitality industry.

Carol Dover was honored by the same FSU program she attended years ago.

It was all a part of the Dedman School of Hospitality's Alumni of the Year Reception.

Each year they honor an alum who has made a strong impact in the hospitality industry.

Dover was this year's recipient and she couldn't be any happier to get an award from the program that helped jumpstart her career.

"It is such an amazing honor, I can tell you that tonight's not about me, tonight's about Florida tourism and all the kids that grow up some day and decide they want to get into the hospitality industry," said Dover.

Jane Ohlin, Director Dedman School of Hospitality AT: 11
"We're really honored this year that it's Carol Dover. She's been a dear friend to me personally for many years and to the department for a long long time," said Jane Ohlin, Director for the Dedman School of Hospitality.

According to the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association, the hospitality industry is the state's largest jobs provider.

They call it the "economic engine of Florida" as it generates $62.4 billion in revenue.

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