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Tomahawk Nation confirms on their website that this is indeed the new logo / http://www.tomahawknation.com/
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News Release: Seminoles.com
Updated: April 11, 2014, 6:45pm

Tallahassee, FL -- Nearly two years ago, Florida State approached longtime partner Nike for assistance to evaluate, enhance and express the celebrated marks of its athletics programs and set the visual direction for the next generation of Seminoles that respects the history of the program.

FSU’s first directive related to creating a consistency with the divergence of our primary color, garnet, within our uniforms, sideline gear, coaching gear and ultimately fan apparel. FSU expressed the desire to return to a truer garnet that would be as consistent as possible across all sports and all materials.

Florida State Athletics and Seminole Boosters have recognized that our Seminole Head primary logo, while as recognizable and iconic as any in all of sports, does not reproduce well in a number of mediums. FSU asked Nike for help in refining the logo so that consistency can be achieved without diminishing the identity of the iconic image. FSU consulted with the Seminole Tribe of Florida and the effort arrived at a design that can take FSU Athletics into the future.

Athletics wanted its teams and student-athletes to wear uniforms that are as technically advanced as any in college athletics. Nike’s state-of-the-art uniform materials are significantly lighter, more aerodynamic, more durable and superior in every respect to the uniforms FSU teams currently wear. The possibility of a competitive disadvantage continuing in this area was unacceptable.

FSU worked closely with Nike designers to develop a look that accurately represents the excitement and tradition of today’s Seminole football. In commissioning the creative changes, Florida State welcomed Nike’s concept of making the uniforms even more symbolic of its relationship with the Seminole Tribe of Florida while maintaining its iconic look. The Seminole patchwork on the football jersey sleeves contain the Tribe’s symbols for Arrow, Man on Horse, and Fire with the helmet spears crossing in the back representative of the crossed bars of the state flag.

While Florida State’s football coaches have been wearing garnet sideline shirts over the past several years, Florida State athletics was looking to use the color consistently across all sports and applications. Florida State will be the only Nike partner, pro or college, using this as its primary color. In addition, a unique font called UNCONQUERED has been created as well as uniform insignias and numbers that will be adopted across all sports.

FSU debuts today a refined Seminole Head logo that has been approved by Seminole Tribe of Florida Chairman James Billie and retains the iconic image with renewed spark and energy.

In addition, Florida State’s student-athletes will practice and compete next year in materials engineered to provide a competitive advantage

Finally, all FSU teams will have a new look that maintains the tradition of the past while reflecting a strong, youthful and bold attitude that will take Florida State Athletics into the future and has resulted in a collection called….IGNITION – TRADITION.

“We unveil today the state-of-the-art uniforms and the look that is the future of Florida State Athletics,” said FSU Director of Athletics Stan Wilcox.

“Florida State will now be the only Nike team, college or professional, wearing our garnet color. FSU now has a unique font called Unconquered that has already helped define our program and we have added a consistent numerical font that will be applied across all our uniforms.

“The Seminole Head logo has been modified to raise the prominence of the iconic symbol throughout our athletics programs.

“Today’s release of these dynamic, cutting-edge uniforms will keep Florida State at the forefront of college athletics and will further amplify our great tradition.” (See select FSU Coach’s Quotes at end of release)

As part of the new program, all of Florida State’s intercollegiate sports teams will showcase consistent colors, logos, lettering and numerals.

“Florida State University has one of the most iconic athletic programs in College sports,” said Todd Van Horne, VP and Creative Director for Nike Football and Baseball. “ We wanted to celebrate the past while adding some fresh enhancements that are consistent with the university’s direction moving forward.”

Fans can go to either the official Seminoles on-line store at Seminoles.com or the FSU Bookstores on campus for immediate purchases or pre-sale ordering of product featuring the new branding. Most retail outlets that sell Florida State University merchandise will have products with the new marks by the end of April.


  • New Seminole logo with the head held high, expressing purpose and conviction.

  • Updated version of Seminole Spear with color and sleek lines to be used consistently by all intercollegiate athletic teams.

  • Custom wordmarks and numeral set.

  • Primary and secondary color palettes.

  • Patchwork

Primary Identity – Seminole Logo

The Seminole logo is the primary representation of the brand and is used as the main identifying device for Florida State Athletics. Reinforcement of the primary identity will build equity in the brand. In primary or secondary colors, the Seminole logo works well across all media. With a more graphic application and flexible approach to palettes and logo staging, the Seminole logo is positioned well for the future.

Secondary Identity –Seminole Spear

Florida State's trademark helmet with the Seminole Spear is well known throughout all of college football. This design was first introduced during Bobby Bowden's first year as head coach in 1976. The Spear has been refined and will be an even more important element of the brand hierarchy moving forward, primarily for application on uniforms and helmets.

Color Palette

When it comes to communicating the Florida State Athletics brand, color is quintessential. Garnet and Gold remain the primary colors for the Seminoles, with White and Black serving as a secondary palette. Garnet symbolizes passion and strength, and gold traditionally evokes a sense of quality and pride. The color black is authoritative and powerful, and white represents confidence and honesty.
Typography – Primary – “UNCONQUERED”
Type tells a story. The right typeface, used consistently, builds character. The Seminoles of Florida call themselves the “Unconquered People,” descendants of just 300 Indians who managed to elude capture by the U.S. army in the 19th century. The custom display alphabet is a powerful element within Florida State's brand identity. The typography incorporates distinctive inline styling, unique serifs and structural characteristics that are exclusive to Florida State Athletics. These elements create a powerful, exclusive look that distinguishes the wordmarks from other institutions. This custom alphabet, appropriately named “Unconquered” is unmistakably Seminole.

A custom numeral set has been included as an enhancement to the primary typeface.

Typography – Wordmarks – “FLORIDA STATE,” “SEMINOLES,” AND “FSU”

To assist in creating a consistent look for a wide variety of athletics communications, custom wordmarks for “Florida State,” “Seminoles,” and “FSU” have been designed. The wordmarks work closely in support of the primary identity and are derived from the primary typography.

Typography – Wordmark – Seminoles Script

The Seminoles script was designed as a nod to the heritage of the sports of baseball and softball at Florida State. Script typography is based upon the varied and often fluid stroke created by handwriting. The letterforms in the Seminoles script are consistent with the design language in the primary typography and word marks.

Typography - Secondary

The secondary sans-serif typeface United was selected to complement the primary typeface and directly tie back to the Florida State Athletics Brand Identity. United is part of a family that offers an exceptionally wide range of weights, providing great versatility and legibility. United is one of the most extensive font families available anywhere, boasting three unique styles, each with seven weights and five widths for a total of 105 fonts in the entire collection.

Quotes from FSU Coaches

“I really believe that the traditions of Florida State are as deeply rooted and important as any in college football and perhaps even more because of our relationship with the Seminole Tribe and I wouldn’t have approved anything that I felt detracted from that. The elements that went into the design changes are all based on our unique history and that’s an important part of the story. In fact, we went to the Tribe right away and got their opinion and permission before we took the first step.

“We are making the change in the football uniforms for a couple of reasons. The first is that it puts us in the very top of the line in terms of technical innovation where we had been trailing some over the last few years. The second is to take advantage of the chance for a much needed update of our uniforms that better suits the future of our program.

“I heard a quote from Buck Showalter last month that is a pretty good message related to this. He said, “Never confuse change for a lack of respect for tradition.” We have kept tradition at the forefront throughout this process.

“And there is no doubt in my mind about the excitement level that our players are going to have being able to wear these uniforms.”
Jimbo Fisher, FSU Head Football Coach

“Our players are going to love playing in the new uniforms. They are lightweight, they absorb perspiration much better, and our players love the more brilliant colors. The reaction of each of our players was the same – they all love the improved design, feel that they will give them more freedom of movement and that the colors say Florida State to them because the garnet and the gold are much more outstanding than our previous uniforms. “
Leonard Hamilton, FSU Head Men’s Basketball Coach

“I really like the style of our new jerseys. Nike continues to be on the cutting edge with designing new material that is both appealing and comfortable to wear. We expect these new jerseys to be very eye-catching to recruits, and the modified design and updated Seminole head logo continue to reaffirm FSU’s traditions and values. The breathable fabric and overall look of our brand new jerseys generates even more excitement as we look toward the 2014-15 season and beyond.”
Sue Semrau, FSU Head Women’s Basketball Coach

“Our new uniforms do a wonderful job of preserving the tradition of Florida State baseball with updated technology and materials. Nike found the perfect balance between the history of Seminole baseball and the future. We wanted to ensure we continued to utilize our interlocking FS, which is so deeply associated with our program. The preserved that tradition while incorporating the Seminole head into our uniforms. Our players are extremely excited to be playing in a uniform that is one of the most advanced in all of college baseball.”
Mike Martin, FSU Head Baseball Coach

The following videos are courtesy of Seminoles.com:

Updated By: Jason Kahn
April 11, 2014, 6pm

The new uniforms containing the new FSU logo will be unveiled tonight at 6:30pm at the Downtown Getdown.

Rob Wilson, spokesperson for FSU Athletics, took a minute to chat with WCTV about these new uniforms before they are unveiled.

KAHN: "What motivated the change for the new uniform?"

WILSON: "First of all, the football coach wanted to update the football uniform a little bit, having a team that just won the National Championship. What we wanted was for all of our teams to have the exact same color garnet and branding across. So we now have a unique font called "Unconquered", we now all have the same jersey letters, and of course, the refined Seminole head that shows up better on all the new uniforms. It will look the same if it's on a water tower, on a pencil, on the side of a pair of football pants."

KAHN: "Including you, there are a very select few people who have seen these uniforms right now. Nobody has seen these uniforms. What can people expect?"

WILSON: " 'Sweet' was the description the football team had. I just left the team where they unveiled them, and it was up in arms. But it's funny, Coach Fisher announced them, and the players didn't react because they were waiting to see what he was going to do. As soon as he said, 'Well, what do you think?', the whole place erupted. Three of them will be here tonight wearing them. I think you'll see an even closer tie to the Seminole Tribe. There's a lot of symbolism in the uniform that we'll try to convey tonight, and I'm sure you will on your website."

Tomorrow at the Spring Game, these uniforms won't be displayed; they will play in the traditional uniforms.

Updated By: James Buechele and Jason Kahn
April 11, 2014, 5pm

Earlier today, the new logo was painted onto the field at Doak Campbell Stadium.

The only local retailer that will carry gear with the new logo will be the Seminole Sports Shop located inside Doak Campbell Stadium.

Many fans at the Downtown Getdown are sporting the new logo, and are psyched about the changes.

But what about the new uniforms?

It's a joint effort by Nike and Florida State.

The key thing to remember is this logo change isn't just for football - it's for all sports at Florida State.

Fans have already started to purchase t-shirts and other apparel with the new logo.

The big question for right now is what the new FSU uniforms will look like. Rumor has it there will also be changes made to the helmets, not just the jerseys.

We'll update this story after the unveiling at 6:30pm.

Tallahassee, Fla. -- We got an early look at the new logo last week. It's official debut will be tonight.

The logo will be unveiled at the block party in Kleman Plaza at 6:30 p.m.

There's also word that we'll get a sneak peek of new uniforms for the football team.

Of course this is all ahead of Saturday's spring game at Doak Campbell Stadium.

Tallahassee, Fla. -- The Seminoles are getting a head.

But based on public comment on WCTV's Facebook page, it's clearly not the one fans want.

They like the current logo better than the new one.

Last week, FSU's new Seminole head logo was leaked when Walmart prematurely displayed t-shirts with the new design to be officially unveiled Friday.

It prompted Trey Laramore to quip on our Facebook page, "I say keep Chief Osceola and ditch Chief Walmart."

According to a statement from FSU Athletics, the new logo has been under development for almost two years.

And it says "... the Seminole Tribe of Florida along with groups representing our student-athletes, coaches, boosters and university administration were consulted during the process."

The statement also says the old logo doesn't reproduce well in a number of mediums.

And the new Seminole head will be easier to produce on uniforms, sideline apparel and graphics.

But fans aren't buying it, literally.

Wes Anderson writes on our Facebook page, "Only will they know how we feel at the cash register...voting with my wallet."

Katherine Denmark writes, "Hate it, does not look like an American Indian!"

Tammy Sanders Pope writes, "It looks like a white man painted to look like an Indian."

Melanie Newman Clanton simply writes, "Awful."

A petition demanding FSU keep the classic logo on the website
change.org has more than 13,000 signatures.

If you'd like to comment on the new FSU logo, visit our Facebook page WCTV.TV

You could see your comments on our air.

Tweet from Seminoles.com:

Updated by: Natalie Rubino
April 3, 2014, 11 p.m.

Tallahassee, Fla. -- FSU fans are speaking out against the school's new logo.

The logo leaked last night after Walmart prematurely displayed a t-shirt with the new design.

Angry fans and students are now calling on the school to stop the change.

"The new logo takes away, in my opinion, from the tradition," Troy Grimm an FSU sophomore said.

The new design still features the original Seminole head but with a wider mouth and teeth showing.

But what's causing many people to be upset is what was once a spear next to the head, now looks more like a feather.

"'Fear the Spear.' How are we going to do that without the spear? It just doesn't make sense," Grimm said.

"Why would they change it right after we just won the National Championship? I just don't get the logic," Paul Snyder an FSU junior said.

A petition that was created on Change.org now has more than 6,000 signatures.

A Facebook group boycotting the logo has more than 3,000 'likes'.

But not everyone thinks this back lash is a bad thing.

"Everyone wouldn't be getting so worked up if it wasn't something they were so deeply rooted in. So, I think it's great that they're getting so worked up about it," Mason Kaye, Garnet and Gold Assistant Manager said.

Garnet and Gold in the Governor's Square Mall, has been selling gear to Florida State fans since 1975.

They said as soon as the news broke, they began recieving calls from concerned customers.

"A lot of customers are afraid that the old logo might not be available, which may or may not be the case. But we still have it so we've seen an increase in business of people coming in requesting that old logo," Kaye said.

"We believe this image is the best in all of sports and that the result of our efforts will maximize the symbol on a national level," FSU Athletics said in a statement.

A spokesperson for the Seminole Tribe of Florida said the tribe chair signed off on the changes a few weeks ago.

The University says it still plans to officially unveil the new logo on April 11th, the day before Spring Game.

News Release: Seminoles.com

Message from FSU Athletics:

It is very important for you to know that the refinement we are making to our Seminole Head logo has been under development for almost two years and that the Seminole Tribe of Florida along with groups representing our student-athletes, coaches, Boosters and university administration were consulted during the process.

During the research phase of the project, we were stunned by the results of a meeting with current student-athletes held over a year ago. When asked what they considered to be our primary symbol, the group was unanimous in listing the Spear. In contrast, groups representing our coaches, supporters and administrators all listed the Seminole Head. This revelation reinforced a growing concern as we have seen a steady decline in the use of the Seminole Head logo on uniforms and fan apparel over the years.

The issue was that our Seminole Head, while as recognizable and iconic as any in all of sports, does not reproduce well in a number of mediums. It is particularly difficult to embroider and impossible to accurately represent on some materials including at midfield at Doak Campbell Stadium. We believe this image is the best in all of sports and that the result of our efforts will maximize the symbol on a national level.

The refined logo will allow us to use it more prominently across all platforms including our uniforms, sideline apparel and graphics.

We tasked Nike for help in refining the logo so that consistency can be achieved without diminishing the identity of the iconic image. We arrived at a design that can take FSU Athletics into the future.

On Friday, April 11, we will formally unveil Ignition...Tradition with a symbol that has renewed spark and energy.

By WCTV Eyewitness News Web Staff
April 3, 2014, 8 a.m.

Tallahassee, Fla. -- According to Tomahawk Nation, Florida State's new logo was leaked when Walmart prematurely displayed the new design on t-shirts being sold in their stores.

The release was supposed to be April 11, 2014.

Tomahawk Nation says they have confirmed that this is Florida State's new logo through a source involved in the redesign process.

From Seminole Tribe of Florida spokesperson Gary Bitner:

The logo change was initiated by FSU. They came to the tribe with the proposed minor changes.

Chairman James Billie signed off on the changes a few weeks ago.

As with all things that involve the Seminole Tribe of Florida, FSU is respectful with getting their approval.

By WCTV Eyewitness News Web Staff
April 2, 2014

Tallahassee, Fla. -- FSU's iconic logo is changing.

It's unclear what the new one will look like, but Seminole Tribe spokesman, Gary Bitner, said the changes were minor.

Seminole Tribe Chairman, James Billie, signed off on the design a few weeks ago after FSU came to them with the changes.

Sources tell us the new logo will be revealed on Friday, April 11, 2014, just in time for the Spring Game on April 12, 2014.

New FSU Logo Preview

Courtesy | www.seminoles.com

Courtesy of FSU Athletics

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