FSU Students Set Sail

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson
July 18, 2013

St. Teresa, FL - The Captain checks the vessel, preps the hooks and the traps all to be ready to take off Thursday on a 10-day voyage on the Gulf.

Grad students from FSU's Marine Lab are going on the school's first-ever vessel called RV Apalachee to research unknown marine life. Also, they are looking to see if toxins from the oil are effecting living things in the Ocean.

The crew has different hooks to capture different sizes of living things.
The machine located on the top of the vessel will help launch the cages into the water.

"Fin Clips to store for genetic analysis, muscle for Mercury contamination and stable isotopes to determine how high on the food chain the animal is feeding," said Jo Imhoff, an FSU Grad Student.

Collecting all of those samples can change science as we know it.

"The most exciting part of this work is that any one set we may get one that no one has ever seen before," said Dean Grubbs, an FSU Research Professor.

"You are contributing something new to science," said Chip Cotton, an FSU Research Professor. "So that is pretty exciting."

FSU is not the only college on board. The crew is also made up of University of North Florida Students. The other universities around the country are also benefiting from the findings. To find out what they catch and uncover, keep an eye on our website for the latest updates.

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