Gov. Rick Scott Sets His Sights on California

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By: Mike Vasilinda
April 26, 2016

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Governor Rick Scott is off to California next week in search of jobs, and the Governor is already sparring with California’s Governor.

On Monday, Enterprise Florida released a radio ad titled 'Keep the sunshine, Lose the taxes.' It’s running in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and takes the Golden State to task for raising the minimum wage to $15.

“700,000. that’s how many California jobs will be lost, thanks to the politicians raising the minimum wage,” chimes a female voice in the ad.

Scott opposes a minimum wage hike in Florida.

“Why do oppose a hike in the minimum wage?” we asked Scott.

“I want more people to get jobs. One of the things…there’s a study that says in California if they raise the minimum wage, their gonna lose 700,000 jobs,” Scott said.

California Governor Jerry Brown is basically saying bring it on… just much more nicely.

In a statement, Brown's Press Secretary points out that since Scott was last in California, “California has added twice as many jobs as Florida, while paying down debt."

The statement goes on to say that California has taken "bold action action on issues Governor Scott continues to ignore, like climate change and poverty."

“Our labor force is growing faster than California, wage growth, job growth rate is after than California. What they are doing is hurting their economy. It hurts the people who need the jobs the most,” says Scott.

Florida’s minimum wage is now $8.05 an hour. It’s currently $10 an hour in California, and under the newly approved legislation there, it will rise to $15 over the next six and a half years.

Legislation to pay a $15 minimum wage in Florida died without a hearing this spring.

By: Associated Press
April 25, 2016

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) -- Florida is going to start airing radio ads criticizing California's decision to raise the minimum wage.

The state's economic development agency is using taxpayer money for radio ads that will run on Los Angeles and San Francisco radio stations.

The ads paid from Enterprise Florida's marketing budget are running before Gov. Rick Scott heads to California to try to convince businesses to relocate to Florida. Scott leaves Sunday.

The Republican governor visited several states last year run by Democrats where he denounced their taxes and business climate.

Last week, Scott contended companies would want to leave California because of a "crippling" increase in the minimum wage. Gov. Jerry Brown earlier this month signed into law a measure that will lift the statewide minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022.

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