Former Cashier Caught Stealing From Shoppers

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By: Kara Duffy
November 5, 2013

Bainbridge, GA- Surveillance video shows an 18-year-old cashier ringing up shoppers at the Shotwell Street Winn Dixie in Bainbridge.

Investigators with Bainbridge Public Safety say the clerk was targeting customers who were paying with debit cards, particularly the elderly.

"She'd let them scan their card, then she'd turn the terminal around and when it got to cash back, she'd hit yes," said Major Robert Humphrey. "Then at the end of her shift she would take the money from the cash register, put it in her pocket and leave."

After several customers asked for a refund, management was able to track the mischarges back to the same cashier, who was also caught on camera charging gift cards to shoppers' debit cards.

"She'd catch you coming in the line and she'd scan the card and it would activate that card as soon as she scanned it," Major Humphrey said. "Then, what she would do is take the card and put it in her apron, keep it and the customer would get charged that 25 dollars for the gift card."

Winn Dixie was unable to comment on the situation due to a corporate policy. However, they said the 18-year-old has been fired.

Investigators say the teen, whose name they have not yet released, was also caught on camera stealing merchandise from the store.

Investigators say they are wrapping up details of the investigation and will then issue a warrant for her arrest.

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