Former DCF Secretary Reacts to Negative Media

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The Florida Department of Children and Families has been under a microscope after a string of foster care tragedies and unexpected layoffs.

Back in March, a DCF employee was put behind bars accused of sexually molesting two children in Tallahassee.

In April, two state welfare employees were fired when a child was found dead in her foster father's truck in Miami.

DCF officials said they were rethinking their strategies and then turned around and slashed 500 administrative employees positions this week (5/24/2011).

Former DCF secretary, George Sheldon says the bad press is frustrating but not alarming. "I began to see it when I was in the agency as the economy worsens as the unemployment got tougher you begin to see an increase in abuse and an increase in severity of abuse." says Sheldon.

Sheldon adds, the people who work in the agency have some of the hardest jobs in Florida and the only time they are brought up is when something bad happens.

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