Founder Of MADD Talks Marijuana

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Story by: James Buechele

Tallahassee, Fla.

Almost everyone has heard about drunk driving. Thanks to groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving, many people are aware of the dangers.

But what about drugged driving?

"I always want to save lives," said Candace Lightner, founder of MADD.

On Tuesday, she helped talk about the dangers of being high behind the wheel to a group of about a dozen people.

"Now that you got medical marijuana coming down the pike, your drugged driving is going to go up exponentially here in Florida and there seemed to be a real lack on knowledge."

Experts say a new type of device can actually help take drivers who might be high off the roads. An oral swab can detect if a person is high on any number of drugs.

"Which can be collected right away at the time of the stop and doing the test almost like a breathalyzer for drugs and do the test right there," said toxicology expert Christine Moore. "So it empowers law enforcement to take people off the road before there's an accident."

Moore says the tests, already used in Europe, are more efficient than blood samples. With the possibility of medical marijuana looming, advocates are hoping to see these types of tests hitting a roadside checkpoint soon.

"I'm hoping we'll get enough interest from the legislators tonight that are here that I've been meeting with over the past couple of days to get something in this session," said Lightner.

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