George W. Bush Visits Valdosta

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Winnie Wright
December 4, 2014

Moody AFB, Georgia - Hundreds of people lined up at Moody's Base Exchange for hours, just to get the opportunity to shake George W. Bush's hand and get a signed copy of his new book.

"It's an opportunitiy of a lifetime to come and get the chance to shake his hand and thank him for his service to the country", says Marla Haag, a Book Signing Attendee.

"I'm most excited to hopefully shake his hand. That was my ultimate goal", says Staff Sergeant, Kyle Pantermoller.

41: Portraits Of My Father is the Former President's second book, and is a biography of his father, George Bush Senior. Though politics aren't discussed in the book, it gives a unique look in to presidential life... which is one reason why Staff Sergeant Pantermoller says he was excited to read it.

"I actually enlisted under President Bush because I believed in his policy and his programs overseas. And it was important to me to serve under President Bush at the time", he adds.

George W. Bush spoke to each of the Airmen as they got their book signed and shared his memories of Valdosta. As a young Airman, Bush also served at Moody while he was in training.

Before his next event, the Former President stopped by the George W. Bush Air Park in the heart of Moody Air Force Base.