Georgia Banker Accused Of Embezzling $21 Million Agrees To Plea Deal

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Winnie Wright
June 5, 2014

Valdosta, GA - Aubrey Lee Price faced a judge in federal court Thursday. Price is accused of embezzeling $21million from investors.

Retirement funds, savings accounts, and mortgages;, that's what Aubrey Price's victims say he stole from them.

"It's good to know that Mr. Price is behind bars as he should be. But it isn't exactly justice for victims of his scheme. You know, justice means putting money back in their pockets", says John S. Chapman, attorney representing the investors.

According to investigators, at the time of his disappearance, Price and his family lived at a home on Rain Wood Circle in Valdosta. They say family members last saw Price on June 16 of 2012 when he told them he was leaving for a business trip to Guatemala.

Authorities say Price faked his suicide and was declared dead before being picked up in a routine traffic stop last year. Sergeant Aaron Pritchett was lead investigator on the missing persons case and says he remembers the facts of the case being strange.

"I would say that Mr. Price conned a lot of people. Especially investors that believed in him and what he was doing for them. As far as his family goes, I believe that they were somewhat conned by the whole situation", he says.

Attorneys for the investors say they will continue to try and get their client's money back. A case has been filed against FSC Securities corporation of Atlanta who employed price.

Price's attorney did not return our request for comment. Price will be sentenced at a later date.