Georgia State Patrol Investigates Fatal Accident In Naylor

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By: Winnie Wright
April 13, 2015

Valdosta, GA - Investigators are still trying to figure out what led to a fatal car crash involving a Valdosta man Sunday morning.

The crash happened on Georgia 135 in Naylor.

"It was completely unexpected and quite a bit of a shock."

Naylor's Fire Chief says he was fast asleep around 4:30 Sunday morning when he heard someone beating on his front door.

"She was covered in blood and said she'd just had an accident," says Chief Faulkner.

Because it was still dark, Chief Faulkner says he couldn't tell that the accident had happened in his front yard.

"We got her sort of taken care of and looked out in the front yard and saw the car split in half."

That woman, according to the Georgia State Patrol, is 28 year-old Yolanda Foster of Valdosta. They say her rented 2008 Honda Sedan swerved off the road and drove about 1,000 feet before hitting a tree.

"It traveled through the wooden fence, across the drive way, and struck that tree. When it struck the tree, it actually separated the car into two totally different pieces", says Trooper 1st Class, Shane Copeland, of the Georgia State Patrol.

33-year-old Trevor Bell, the vehicle's passenger, also from Valdosta, did not survive his injuries.

Trooper Copeland says that car must have been traveling at some pretty high speeds because he says he's never seen a tree split all the way up just from the force of impact.

Trooper Copeland says it also appears drugs and alcohol could have been factors in the accident.

The Georgia State Patrol says charges could be filed against Yolanda Foster. They say that decision will be made after the SCRT team wraps up its investigation.