Georgians One Step Closer to Carrying Guns in Bars and Churches

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By: Eames Yates
March 8, 2013

Valdosta, GA - House Bill 512 won overwhelming approval in Georgia's house of representatives on Thursday 3/7. The bill gives Georgians the right to carry guns in churches and bars.

Lowndes County resident Alex Hall said "I support it because I would feel a lot more safe if I could go more places with my weapon."

Another Lowndes County resident said "only people who, like, enforce the law should carry guns."

Lowndes County resident Guy Still said "if it's in the right hands of the right people I think it would be great. I think every body needs to carry a gun."

The bill is not yet law. The state senate also needs to approve it. Those who have a bone to pick with the bill argue booze and bullets don't mix.

Lowndes County resident Travis Raines said "what do you think when you hear bar fight? that's tearing up the place. You know what I'm saying, you really want to have a bar fight with a gun involved? With one gun involved? No."

The bill would also allow Georgians to carry guns on to parts of college campuses and unsecured government buildings.

Despite the public's division on the bill there's one thing both sides can agree on.

Lowndes County resident James Harris said "you got to be extremely responsible when you got a weapon in your hand. Because you put it in the wrong hand and it can do a lot of damage."

The bill was sponsored by Republican Representative Rick Jasperse.

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