Governor Scott Fundraising

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It was a moment 75-million dollars in the making.

The finale to the most expensive gubernatorial contest in Florida history, thanks to Rick Scott's personal fortune.

Now, Governor Scott has his eye on re-election, and he's determined to campaign without having to pull out his wallet.

In the just-ended second quarter, the governor's political committee raised 2.85 million, a record amount this far out from election day.

"I don't know what it'll cost, but we'll have the money to, ah, to win, said Governor Scott.

Ultimately, whether Rick Scott remains here in the Governor's Mansion is up to the people of Florida, and in poll after poll a majority have made it clear. They're anything but happy with his leadership.

That, more than anything else, may explain why he's raising so much money, so early.

Every day when Scott pulls out of the mansion driveway, he cruises past this billboard featuring former Governor Charlie Crist.

Rumors abound the republican-turned-independent may turn democrat and run against Scott.

There's also the potential candidacy of former Florida CFO Alex Sink, not to mention State Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich, who's already announced.

Political consultant Kevin Cate calls scott's early fundraising blitz a wise move that may be aimed at scaring off the competition.

"I don't think that Rick Scott's recent enthusiasm with fundraising all of a sudden is a reflection of him being scared about money. This is a rich dude. I think it's about him being scared about 2014, seeing Alex Sink and Charlie Crist posturing for that governor's office," said Cate.

Governor Scott's 2012 fundraising now stands at 3.8 million.

Nearly all of it has yet to be spent, signaling Scott plans to stockpile the money until his re-election campaign begins in earnest in 2014.

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