Grand Jury Blasts Consolidated Dispatch Agency

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By: Chris Gros
February 27, 2015

Tallahassee, FL - A Leon County grand jury criticized the Consolidated Dispatch Agency in its performance in three high profile shootings.

Grand jurors reviewed several calls from the Dan Markel murder case, the FSU Strozier Library shooting and the Caracus Court shoot-out.

The harshest criticism was aimed at dispatchers for the incident at Caracus Court, in which Sheriff Deputy Chris Smith was killed by gun-man Curtis Wade Holley.

"Had this information been relayed (critical officer safety information) , the first responders would have addressed the call very differently and the life of Deputy Smith likely would have been spared."

The grand jury blasted the CDA's handling of a Strozier Library victim's call. The wounded caller was placed on hold so that that person could be transferred to FSU dispatch.

"In reference to the Strozier Library incident, we find that the procedure allowed a victim who had been shot to be placed on hold while the call-taker tried to transfer the call, is not acceptable," said the grand jury.

Lastly, the the grand jury called the 19 minute delay in getting paramedics to the home of FSU Professor Dan Markel unacceptable.

"...we find that human error led to an unacceptable time delay in reaching the victim. Further, a quicker response may have led to the apprehension of the suspect in that case," grand jurors wrote.

Recommendations for improvement were also made by the grand jury.

One of those included changing the way Director Tim Lee could be fired. Currently, Lee works for the County Manager, the City Manager and Sheriff Mike Wood. As of now, it takes one of those three to fire Lee. The grand jury recommends that two or all three be in agreement to fire the director.

Lee could not be reached for comment.

An audit of the CDA is expected to be released next Tuesday.

You can read the entire grand jury presentment by clicking the attached document.

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