Hamilton County Schools Updating Technology to Increase Security

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Winnie Wright
August 28, 2015

Hamilton County, FL - If you walk in to any Hamilton County Elementary School, you'll see students doing their course work on iPads that run off of HCS's own WiFi network.

Needless to say, for a school system of only 1,700 students, the technology is impressive.

Just this week, another addition was made to the technology department. GPS locator systems have been added to all Hamilton County School buses.

"You'll see red dots, yellow dots, and green dots. Each dot represents a bus," explains Superintendent Tom Moffses.

He says the system was added as a way to increase security on the buses.

"We have so many field trips and sporting events that we deal with throughout the state with our athletic teams. It gives us an opportunity to know where they are at any given time."

On the bus, students may not have access to cell signal, and bus drivers are not allowed to use their cell phones while driving. Superintendent Moffses says this is a great technology for the central office to locate those buses on a GPS without cell signal.

Parents in the area also say they like the added security the system provides.

"I think it's awesome," says Cathy Foster, a Hamilton County Schools parent. "The kids really need the extra security, and it's perfect for the bus drivers because that's less they have to worry about."

In the next few months, Hamilton County Schools will also unveil a new digital system to keep track of where students get on and off the school buses.

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