How Red-Light Cameras Affect Driving Behavior

Tallahassee, FL -- March 19, 2012 --

"It has its pros and cons."

Drivers say the pros of red light cameras are that they make driving safe.

One of the cons:

"I definitely believe it does change our driving habits."

But, not for the better some say...

Many say they get nervous when approaching a monitored intersection.

One driver, Fran Posey, says, "I am more aware. I do slow down when I am approaching. Although it probably aggravates the people behind me."

Other drivers say they tend to floor it to try to beat the light...

Tallahassee resident Matthew Burckhardt says he won't be doing that. He says he just got a ticket in the mail for running a red light on Monroe Street.

Burckhardt says, "If I think it's been green for a little too long, I stop and like slow down extremely way too slow now. I'd rather do that than get a $160 ticket again."

City administrators say last fiscal year...they issued 48-hundred red-light violations at the Monroe/Tennessee Street intersection...

That's about 13 red-light runners a day.

Administrators say it's a significant decrease from the testing period before the cameras were installed... Then, they say, there were more than 400 violations a day.

Another driver, Buck Ridgeway, says, "I usually watch the guy ahead of me, and always check the guy behind to make sure if I'm getting ready to stop."

"If you speed up, it's dangerous. If you slow down, it could cause a rear-end collision there."

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