Job Hop Shuttles Students to High Tech Employers

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By: Chris Gros
January 21, 2016

Remember going to job fairs in college? Employers in a crowded room with students hopping from stand to stand.

25 college students today turned the tables and hopped from job to job.

It's called the Tally Job Hop. Students loaded up in a van and visited three big tech companies.

Lester Hutt works at Diverse Computing Inc. (DCI), one of the companies on the tour.

He started the hop to give students a first hand look at potential future employers.

"With new graduates they're kind of ignorant about the workforce and we want to show them what it's really like working at different places," Hutt said. "Especially in Tallahassee a lot of students don't know there's good places to work."

Students visited Infinity, United Solutions, DCI and then wrapped up the day with a visit to DOMI Station.

Hutt hopes the trend of students visiting potential employers catches on in other places.

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