New Technology for Leon County Sheriff's Office

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Tallahassee, Florida- September 12, 2012

The Leon County Sheriff's Office has new gadgets to help identify criminals.

Each patrol unit now has a Rapid ID system. The device can run a suspect's identity on the spot by analyzing fingerprints. On Wednesday, deputies began training on the device that can tell if a person has a rap sheet in the FDLE database.

"In the past we've had to rely on other means to identify people and sometimes it takes a long time," said Lt. Tony Drzewiecki. "With the
Rapid ID units in the car, we're able to identify a person immediately on the side of the road."

Drzewiecki says a person can consent to being identified with the tool or if officials believe the person is lying about their identity.

Each device costs about $1,800. The sheriff's office bought 80 of them through a homeland security grant.

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