Tallahassee Teen Sentenced in the Accidental Shooting of his Friend

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By: Julie Montanaro
November 6, 2014

17-year-old Logan Murphy entered a plea to manslaughter charges today in the death of 17-year-old Robert Butler.

Butler was shot and killed as the teens played with a gun at a home on Maylor Road in September 2013.

Murphy was sentenced to up to three years in a juvenile detention facility and another 15 years on probation.

The judge also ordered him to pay his friend’s funeral expenses.

Prosecutors withheld adjudication over the objections of the victim's family.

By: Lanetra Bennett
May 8, 2014 - 6:00 pm

Tallahassee, FL - A plea deal doesn't sit well with the family of a local teenager who was shot and killed by one of his friends.

The judge wasn't biting, either, and refused to sentence Logan Murphy Thursday based on the offer.

Logan Murphy hung his head low and wiped his tears as he listened to his friend's mother speak.

"I will never see my son again. I will never hear his voice. I will never fuss at him again. All his dreams, all our dreams are gone. They're laying in a graveyard." Mrs. Butler says.

Murphy is charged with shooting his friend, 17-year-old, Robert Butler last September on Maylor Road in Leon County.

During the sentencing hearing Thursday, Butler's mother said she had no idea Murphy had brought a gun in her home. She says, "We feel betrayed that his friend would point a gun and shoot him at his home where he's supposed to be safe."

Murphy pled no contest. The plea offer would allow him to serve 18 to 36 months in a juvenile facility, followed by 15 years of probation as an adult, and he would not be a convicted felon.

Judge Jackie Fulford rejected that offer.

Robert Butler's father, John Butler, says, "From this day forward, if you don't live an exemplary life, you'll live in torment just like we're living in torment."

Judge Fulford wants to see a guilty plea, more than 15 years probation, and a convicted felon status.

Mrs. Butler says, "After 15 years, Bobby's still going to be dead. All we ask is that justice is done."

Because the judge refused the plea, the attorneys have to go back and work out another deal before Murphy is sentenced.

The next hearing is set for June 3rd.

By: Lanetra Bennett
May 8, 2014 - 2pm

Tallahassee, FL - Logan Murphy is being sentenced for the shooting death of Robert "Bobby" Butler.

Butler's parents got up to address the court. His mother said that she had no idea that Murphy came to her house with a gun. She says she feels betrayed that her son's friend would point a gun at him and shoot him in his home.

Court is on a recess while the judge does some research. Murphy is expected to speak sometime during the hearing.

By: Eyewitness News
November 12, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - 16-Year-Old Logan Murphy has been arrested and charged in the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Robert Butler.

According to arrest reports, Murphy was taken into custody on Friday, November 8, 2013 and charged with Manslaughter

Butler was shot in the 4700 block on Maylor Road and transported to a local hospital where he later died back in September.

Please stay with WCTV as we bring you the latest updates on this developing story.

By: Emily Johnson
September, 23, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - LCSO has not released any new information on the investigation.

Robert Butler was a student at Lincoln High School until two weeks ago when he transferred to Adult Community Education. I spoke with Lincoln High School principal Allen Burch who says,"it's such tragedy when I heard it this weekend. Having just seen him and spoke to him, it breaks you heart as a parent. There can be nothing worse than loosing a child and I just feel so bad for the family."

Butler had academic reasons for transferring to ACE and wanted to pursue a career in zoology once he received his high school degree.

Butler was a well known student at Lincoln High and still had many friends on campus. The guidance office says they have an open door policy for students.

"That's what we're here for and the problem is you never know when you're going to need us for kids to always be able to come down and a teacher can send a student down or kids themselves can refer themselves." says Guidance Counselor Teri Gimbel.

By: Emily Johnson
September 22, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - On Saturday night around 9:30pm the Leon County Sheriff's Office responded to a call of a gunshot victim at the 4700 block on Maylor Road. When deputies arrived they found 17-year-old Robert Butler had been shot. Butler was transported to a local hospital for treatment where he later died.

The investigation is still early, but LCSO is looking for answers after questioning witnesses. "The circumstances of how he got shot will be determined by the interviews that we've conducted, by the autopsy results from the crime lab. Once we have all of that information we'll have a cleaner understanding of what occurred," said LT Tony Drezewiecki of LCSO.

Stan Feener a neighbor who lives on the street said he was shocked to hear that something like this could happen. "They were quiet folks they kept to themselves and you know there was rarely a disturbance there. We were surprised to hear that this and because they see to be good people."

At this point a firearm was recovered in the investigation and was sent to the crime lab to determine if it was related to the shooting and no charges have been filed, but LCSO is not ruling anything out.

LCSO Press release

On Saturday, September 21, 2013, at approximately 9:20PM, Leon County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a residence in the 4700 block of Maylor Road in reference to the report of a person who had been shot. Upon arrival it was discovered that 17 year-old Robert Butler had been shot.

Butler was transported to a local hospital by Leon County Emergency Medical Services for treatment where he was later pronounced deceased. Violent Crime and Crime Scene Detectives responded to the scene and are conducting an intensive investigation into the circumstances which led to the shooting and death of Robert Butler.

Persons that were present during this incident have been identified and are being interviewed by Detectives. An autopsy will be
conducted to confirm the cause of death. Updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

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