'LiveSafe' App to Launch at FAMU

By: Lanetra Bennett
September 28, 2015

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- FAMU student Eddie Thornton says he tries to be a gentleman and walk his friends home at night, but sometimes it's tough.

Soon, he'll have a phone app to do it for him.

He says, "I think it's a good idea to have an app where you can have somebody to come get them. You can just make sure they're safe."

The FAMU Police Department is in the process of launching an app, called "LiveSafe."

You have Safe Walk or a Student Escort Team. The Safe Walk feature allows you to ask a friend to watch you walk or watch a friend.

"Say, if someone tries to abduct you. As long as you have the phone in your hand, we can track your movement. I you drop the phone, we can track your last movement," an official at the Police Department says.

FAMU student Elan Foy says, "As a young woman, walking around by yourself is scary. The fact that somebody could be watching me to possibly save me, I would feel better having the app."

FAMU student Janelle Brown says, "You hear about so much stuff that happens. I watch I.D. channel. You think wow does this really happen? It's all true stories. You're no different than anybody else. So, it really is, it's scary out there."

"Help is no more than a button push away," officials say.

Activating the Escort Team feature allows you to request a safe ride on campus.

FAMU Police Chief Terence Calloway says, "Safety is paramount here at Florida A&M University. We want to do every and anything we can."

Brown says, "I even keep mace on me. But now, I can keep something more safe --an app, that would be greater."

Emergency procedures, such as active shooter or bomb threats, are also included on the app. Other features allow you to report crimes anonymously, even by sending police video.

The Chief says they'll start implementing the app October 19th.

One of the founders of the "LiveSafe" app is a survivor of the Virginia Tech tragedy in 2007.

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