Local Family Asked to Move Out of Rental Foreclosure Home

By: Lanetra Bennett
July 27, 2015

Tallahassee, FL - Carrie Beatty says her landlord told her that the house she and her family is renting is in foreclosure, and that they had to get out on that very day. That was in June.

"I said, well, you can't just kick me out," Beatty says.

Beatty says then the landlord sent someone over to take parts out of the air conditioning unit so that it wouldn't work.

"There's no air here. It's hot. My kids are hot. I can come out here now because I have that AC unit. But, before, you couldn't even breathe in here. It was like 89 degrees in my house."

The family was eventually able to get a wall AC unit put in.

Beatty lives in the three-bedroom, California Street home in Tallahassee with her husband and five children. The kids' ages are ten, eight, six, four, and one.

She says last week, the landlord came back and told them they had three days to get out.

"If the bank's got it, it's not up to her to decide when I'm supposed to get out. I have to get an eviction notice."

Consumer Advocate Alice Vickers says there's no Florida law that allows a landlord to kick someone out in three days. If the home is in foreclosure, Vickers says regular landlord/tenant laws apply. When foreclosure is concluded, she says the new owner has to give a 30-day notice."

Beatty says, "She can't expect me to be out on the 28th. That's not gonna happen."

The Beatty family has found another place, but can't move in until this weekend, which is days after the deadline of tomorrow that they were given.

WCTV was not able to reach the landlord for comment.

Vickers says if you're physically being forced out during a foreclosure and your lease is not up, you should call law enforcement.

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