Local Scientist Teaches Public About Crude Oil

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By: Bailey Myers
February 4th, 2014

Tallahassee FL-Local scientists met with the community Tuesday to talk a little bit about oil.

Residents all along Florida's Coast are still feeling the affects from the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf.

MagLab chemist Amy Mckenna met with dozens of big bend residents tonight in Tallahasssee with a presentation about crude oil and it's impact. She has been studying oil since the spill, and hopes her presentation left a mark.

McKenna told us, "If I could get everybody to understand no crude oil is the same every crude oil is unique like a snow flake, and that there are millions of different types of compounds inside of that then I will be happy."

Mckenenna talked to the audience about the various crude oil refineries established throughout the ocean and how crude oil could impact our community.

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