Local Team Prepares For Red Hills International Horse Trials

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By: Emily Johnson
February 24, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - Team Wallace of Tallahassee is made up of Rick Wallace, Briggs Surrat and Taylor Dileo. The riders train seven days a week at Cherry Hill Farm as they get ready for the Red Hills International Horse Trials. "We would call it moderate to difficult going to Red Hills and as we move up as it compares to other horse trials," said Rick Wallace, Team Wallace Rider.

The riders will be judges in three categories Dressage, Cross-Country and Stadium Jumping. After growing up around the sport 17-year-old Briggs Surrat's will be competing for the first time at Red Hills. "I'm excited, I'm been watching Red Hills ever since I started riding six years ago. It will be good to actually ride in it for once," said Briggs Surratt, Team Wallace Rider.

This year Red Hills will introduce their new Cross-Country course. Cherry Hill Farm offers naturally curving oaks that Team Wallace said has helped them train for the renovated course. "Rolling terrain with live oaks that does cause some issues with difficulty when you start incorporating cross country jumps within the terrain at Red Hills," said Wallace.

Team Wallace has one competition before they will make their appearance at Red Hills.

Red Hills International Horse Trials will run March 6th through the 9th. If you're interested in attending the competition you can visit their website at www.rhht.org for more details.

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