Locals Want Answers After Learning A Natural Gas Pipeline Might Go In Their Yard

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By: Bailey Myers
December 3rd, 2013

Tallahassee FL-474 miles of pipeline could soon makes its way through Alabama, Georgia and Florida and some aren't very happy about it.

Sabal Trail transmission is working on that pipeline-- which would run natural gas through the pipe.

The organization this evening held a meeting to discuss the proposed plans-- which is still in its infant stages-- with the public.

People we spoke with are a little skeptical-- looking for answers. Property Owner Jerry Stageman said, "I still don't really know the details. Im still in limbo on that. They haven't really been definitive on where it's going to be or how much they are going to take."

Sabal Trail Transmission Spokeperson, Andrea Grover later explained, "It's not anything that is currently set in stone. It will take us time to do all of the surveys and the research and weigh all of those types of things to minimize the impact to the stake holders and to the environment."

Right now Sabal Trail Transmission is surveying the areas on the proposed plan to see if any adjustments are necessary. Construction isn't expected to start until mid 2016.

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