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By: Brittani DuBose
October 1, 2014

Middle School science teacher Cameron Barton is excited about the new WeatherSTEM unit on campus.

"We're already running with it. It's super the kids are thrilled. There's a lot of excitement on campus right now."

WeatherSTEM is a blend of live weather information and pictures that can be used by kindergartners all the way to 12th grade.

So how exactly does it work? WeatherSTEM creator Ed Mansouri says the unit collects data every minute and uses a cloud camera to take pictures of the sky.

"Those images and data are tied together and put into a database. Students, teachers, and the community can go online and see what the current conditions are, and see what the weather has been."

Teachers can then use this information and direct students to lesson plans on the website.

Mansouri says he has plans to expand WeatherSTEM.

"We now have units in eleven counties across the state, and we're actually bringing this project to all 67 Florida counties by the end of 2015."

For now, teachers say their enjoying the endless possibilities associated with the unit.

"What we really want to have our students understand and know about is using this information. This is real. These are jobs, possibilities for them in the future."

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