Tallahassee Man Sentenced for Beating Deputy

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October 19, 2015
By Julie Montanaro

A man convicted of attacking a Leon County deputy is now headed to prison.

Shane Maxwell was sentenced today to more than 45 years behind bars.

Maxwell was convicted this summer of beating Deputy Neeley Knight and trying to run over Deputy Kevin Tim when they responded to a call at a home on Katie Lois Road in September 2014.

Deputy Knight is the daughter of State Attorney Willie Meggs, so this case was handled by the state attorney from Ocala.

By Julie Montanaro
August 27, 2015

A Tallahassee man accused of beating up a deputy and trying to run over another has been found guilty.

Shane Maxwell was found guilty on all counts this afternoon, except for the initial disturbance that brought deputies to the scene.

Maxwell was convicted of punching and kicking Deputy Neeley Knight, who responded to the home on Katie Lois Road in September of 2014.

He was also convicted of trying to run over Deputy Kevin Tim, who was responding to her calls for back up.

Maxwell will be back in court for sentencing in September.

By Julie Montanaro
August 26, 2015

Both sides have rested their case.

Closing arguments are expected to begin in the morning followed by jury deliberations.

By: Julie Montanaro
August 25, 2015

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Shane Maxwell is now on trial. He's accused of repeatedly punching and kicking a deputy and then trying to run over another deputy who came to help.

It happened in September 2014 at a mobile home off Highway 20. Maxwell faces a total of five charges.

The defense admits Maxwell punched the deputy and took off in a red car. However, Defense attorney Paul Villeneuve told the jury Maxwell did not try to run over the deputy in the road. He says it was a dark and bumpy dirt drive.

Prosecutor Brad King claims Maxwell had a gun that day but hid it in the woods. It has never been found.

King - who is the state attorney in Ocala - is handling the case because the deputy Maxwell is accused of punching is State Attorney Willie Meggs' daughter Neeley Knight.

By Julie Montanaro
September 9, 2014

This afternoon the Governor assigned Fifth Circuit State Attorney Brad King out of Ocala to investigate and prosecute Shane Maxwell.

Maxwell is accused of attacking Leon County Sheriff's Deputy Neeley Meggs Knight, daughter of Second Circuit State Attorney Willie Meggs during a confrontation Sunday.

Meggs asked the Governor to choose another prosecutor to handle the case to avoid any conflict of interest or appearance of impropriety, the Governor's order said.

By Julie Montanaro
September 8, 2014 6:30pm

A Leon County deputy beaten during a confrontation Sunday is the daughter of the state attorney.

It happened Sunday before the sun came up. Deputy Neeley Meggs Knight confronted a man on the porch of this house on Katie Lois Road. Within seconds, LCSO says, she found herself under attack.

"She has a broken nose, a broken cheek bone and a broken finger," State Attorney Willie Meggs said.

Knight is the daughter of Second Circuit State Attorney Willie Meggs.

"When I got to the emergency room the first thing she said was I'm not quitting," Meggs said. "She took a pretty good pounding, but she's okay and she's going to be fine."

Shane Maxwell is now facing five felonies including assault on an officer, aggravated assault on an officer, resisting arrest and more.

LCSO says he not only attacked Knight, but tried to run down another deputy with his car. That deputy, Kevin Tim, fired at Maxwell, but Maxwell got away.

"When we recovered the vehicle at the end of Clyde's Lane there was a gun box in that vehicle. There was no gun was inside of the box that gun has yet to be recovered," said LCSO Spokesman LT James McQuaig.

Maxwell was caught almost eight hours later, nearly five miles away near Silver Lake Park.

Maxwell is no stranger to trouble with the law. Florida Department of Corrections records show he did a stint in state prison for aggravated battery and battery on a law enforcement officer. Federal Bureau of Prisons records show he just got out of federal prison last year (August 2013) after doing time for a conspiracy to steal and sell prescription drugs.

State Attorney Willie Meggs says he will not be prosecuting Maxwell in the attack on his daughter.

"I've already contacted the Governor's office and they will assign another prosecutor to come in and do the work," Meggs said.

The executive assignment could come as soon as tomorrow, said Governor's Office Spokesman John Tupps.

Arrest papers say Shane Maxwell told one of the deputies "I didn't mean to hit the pretty girl but she was trying to put me in jail."

We did try to reach Maxwell's attorney for comment, but the public defender's office says no one has been assigned to the case yet.

Deputy Tim remains on administrative leave while LCSO reviews this case and it's not clear when Deputy Knight will be able to return to work.

By: Julie Montanaro
September 8, 2014 at 1:26 p.m.

State attorney Willie Meggs has asked the governor to appoint a special prosecutor to handle the case against Shane Maxwell, he says.

Meggs says his daughter, Deputy Neeley Meggs Knight has a broken nose, broken cheekbone, broken finger and more. "I would hardly recognize her if I didn't know it was her," he said.

Meggs says Knight is home recovering and he's not sure when she'll be able to return to work.

Court records do not yet indicate who is representing Shane Maxwell.

By: Julie Montanaro
September 8, 2014 at 12:12 p.m.

LCSO has just released the names of the deputies involved in a confrontation with Shane Maxwell.

LCSO says the deputy who was beaten is Neeley Meggs Knight, daughter of state attorney Willie Meggs and the deputy who fired on Maxwell is Kevin Tim.

By: Julie Montanaro
September 8, 2014

A Tallahassee man accused of beating a deputy and charging another deputy in his car faced a judge this morning.

Shane Maxwell had his first appearance before a judge this morning and was ordered held without bond.

The deputy he's accused of attacking is recovering at home and the deputy who fired at him is on leave while the incident is under review, that's standard when a deputy fires his weapon.

27-year-old Shane Maxwell is facing five felonies including assault on an officer and aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer.

The deputy was responding to a disturbance on Katy Lois Road at about five Sunday morning. When she tried to detain Maxwell LCSO says he punched her repeatedly in the head and face.

She radioed for backup and the next deputy says Maxwell drove toward him and he fired a shot.

Maxwell was caught by a K9 later in the day in the Apalachicola Natuomal Forest.

This afternoon LCSO is expected to release the names of the deputies involved and we hope to update you on the condition of the deputy who was beaten.

News Release
Alicia Turner
September 7, 2014 4 pm

Leon County, FL

A call to a disturbance at a home in Tallahassee leaves a Deputy injured and a suspect on the loose for hours

Folks off of Blountstown Hwy. in Tallahassee woke up to a slightly different sound this morning as helicopters and K-9's swarmed the Apalachicola Forest.

At around 5:22 am a deputy from the Leon County Sheriff’s Office responded to a disturbance call on the 1400 block of Katie Louis Rd. Once the deputy got there she saw a man believed to be involved. That person has been identified as 27 year old Shane Maxwell.
When the deputy approached Maxwell, LCSO says he struck the officer multiple times in the head and face.

According to the people that live in the house Maxwell was visiting, and he was sitting on the porch just before he struck the officer.

Maxwell then left the scene in a stolen vehicle and was asked to stop by another officer. Instead Maxwell hit the gas and the officer fired one shot into the car.

Lieutenant McQuaig of the Sheriff’s office says there’s no evidence to show Maxwell was struck.

"It is unknown at this time if the suspect in the vehicle was hit, but we have no indication that they were at this time," said McQuaig.

Sheriff’s deputies along with Florida Highway Patrol set up a perimeter four miles long and two miles back into the Apalachicola Forest.

"It's been several hours, we're using multiple dogs, multiple avenues of resources or multiple amounts of man power,”" McQuaig said.

Maxwell was caught several hours into the search. Charges for Maxwell include aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence and battery.

The deputy had multiple cuts to her face and has been treated and released from the hospital.

By: Alicia Turner
September 7, 2014 - 1pm

Leon County, FL - The Leon County Sheriff's Office is currently searching for a man who battered an LCSO deputy this morning off of Blountstown Highway in west Leon County.

The Sheriff's Office says that the suspect fled after the deputy was beaten.

There is no word on the condition of the officer.

LCSO and the Florida Highway Patrol is searching an area off of Blountstown Highway with helicopters.

We'll have more information as it becomes available.

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