Florida Consulting Group Creates Safer Way to Make Online Transactions

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By: Symone Davis
March 20, 2015

Just this week, a pregnant woman in Colorado had her baby cut from her stomach while answering an on-line ad for baby clothes.

More than a billion connections are made through Craigslist on a yearly basis.

However, another stat shows a growing number of Americans are becoming victims from deadly online transactions. Many of them, hitting close to home.

"There have been 84 killings linked to Craigslist since 2007. There were 21 last year. And this year there have already been 4 killings linked to Craigslist, three of them in Georgia," said Peter Zollman, AIM Consultant.

Advanced Interactive Media group out of Orlando put together a report discussing Craigslist, and the troubles that have followed this company and others like it.

Even outside of Georgia, Florida has seen five killings in recent years in relation to Craigslist.

While the group says it believes Craigslist is a great company, it doesn't want to see more people die from poor decision making.

That's why they created safetradestations.com.

"It's a simple way for people to go to the police station, learn how to stay safe online, and not get involved in dangerous sales through Craigslist or any website," said Zollman.

Users can log on and see which locations near them are available to make an exchange.

Regardless of whether you use the site or not, the group warns shoppers to always go to your local police or fire station to make a transaction.

This way you're keeping yourself and your family safe.

For more information on Safe Trade, go to safetradestations.com.

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