Member of Madison 9 Has Charges Dropped, Leaving Others Hopeful

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Laverne Haynes, Tina Johnson and Judy Ann Crumitie are all hopeful.

They're facing charges of voter fraud, and Monday they found out that someone facing the same charges had theirs dropped.

Tina Johnson, Madison Nine, stated, "we just trying to just do the best we can, but it's really been rough," Johnson said.

Judy Ann Crumitie, Madison Nine: "we just got caught up in a ordeal that it really shouldn't have happened," Crumitie said.

Laverne Haynes, Madison Nine, "it's like a rollercoaster, we've had highs, we've had lows," Haynes said.

Known as the Madison 9, they all asked a judge to completely dismiss their case, claiming they did nothing wrong.

That worked for Montollis Roberson, the only one so far who had that to happen.

The arrests stem from November 2011.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement says that fraud occurred during a county school board election.

Jami Coleman, Madison Nine Legal Team, stated, "I'm confident that the charges for the remaining individuals will also be dropped, at least that's what were hoping and praying..."

The three had their legal team with them Tuesday at a Madison County School Board meeting. They showed up to make a statement that these heavy charges haven't brought them down.

"Guess I should say I'm just very prayerful that I should get the same," Johnson said.

"She got hers and we're gonna get ours, I know that," Crumitie said.

"That's all that we've all ever said we wanted to hear that the charges were dismissed," Haynes said.

The three have trials next week where their fate will be decided.

Their cases are set for January 23rd. Stay with WCTV Eyewitness News for updates on the trials.

Madison, FL - One year, two months and two weeks is how long Montollis Roberson waited for this moment.

"Words cannot explain what I have gone through and please don't make me cry," Roberson said.

Her attorney, Bob Cox, called her Monday with good news. Charges of voter fraud against her were dropped by a judge.

"I thought I was dreaming, I had to pinch myself and I called him and when he called me back I think I threw the phone down, I started shouting," she said.

Roberson is one of the 'Madison 9'.

She was arrested back in November 2011 along with eight others and charged with voter fraud.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement said the charges stem from a county school board election.

"We were able to show the judge that there was no fraudulent intention, there was no false ballots cast and the court I think very heroically stepped in to protect the people there and dismissed the case," Cox said.

Roberson not only had an issue with being arrested, but also with how she was arrested.

"Can you imagine your mother for trying to help people to register to vote to have guns pointed at their head, that's not America," said Ben Crump, a member of the legal team for the Madison Nine.

After the year and a half long battle, the fight is over. Roberson looks forward to moving on with life.

"Thank God it's over, I knew justice would prevail and I know the rest of the group, they're gonna be exonerated also."

Roberson's case is over and two others entered pleas, but six of the nine still have pending charges.

Crump and Cox hope the charges against the other people are dropped as well.

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